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House of honda has been an "exclusive"  Honda dealer for over 50 years. Providing sales, parts, and service for all Honda motorcycles, Honda scooters, Honda ATVs, and Honda power equiment products.                                              HOUSE OF HONDA

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House of Honda and HondaBob, "exclusive" Honda dealer since 1962. 


Westchester's Largest Sales & Service Center  
Complete Line of Honda Motorcycles, Scooters, ATV's & Generators  
Huge Inventory of Honda - Vintage parts  
Open 6 days - Closed Wednesdays  
Call ROBIN at (914) 698-9511 to Order OEM Genuine HONDA parts for motorcycles,atv,and power equipment parts. Many NLA (No longer available)parts in stock. WE SHIP ORDERS DAILY **MOST IN STOCK ITEMS GET SHIPPED OUT SAME DAY**  


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All of our Power Equipment products at the House of Honda that are picked up locally come fully assembled and preped (gas,oil, and all adjustments) ready to be used. For mail orders to be shipped please call for shipping charges and availability (914) 698 - 6261 and please have the model number to be ordered. For all Honda Power Equipment products and specifications and other info please use the link below                                   

2015 GROM

The Honda Grom has probably put smiles on more people’s faces than just about anything in the recent motorcycle world. And it’s easy to see why: This little pocket rocket may only displace 125cc, but its fun factor is off the charts. It’s a blast to ride—you get all the excitement and freedom of a motorcycle, but because it’s so user friendly and approachable there’s just about zero intimidation. Best of all, some fresh new graphics and colors make the 2015 Grom even cooler.


            Download Brochure



2016 CBR 300R

CHonda’s CBR300R delivers a giant dose of performance and fun way out of proportion to its engine size. Even experienced riders can’t seem to wipe the smile off their face after a ride on this modestly-sized machine. And one ride will tell you why. It’s the sporting member of our 300 lineup, with a little more bodywork. The single-cylinder engine is light and narrow, making it easier to sit on the bike and get your feet on the ground at stops. And the single-cylinder powerband with its wide torque spread is perfect for both in-town or freeway rides. The light weight makes it responsive on twisty roads. But maybe best of all, the CBR300R offers excellent fuel efficiency, too.


Download Brochure

2014 CBR650F

This is the bike that will appeal to your practical and emotional sides. A truly fun ride at a great price, it's what Honda does like no one else. Built around a smooth, inline-four engine specifically tuned for low-to-midrange torque, the CBR650F has a powerband that’s suited for a wide range of riding styles.



            Download Brochure



                                                            2016 CBR300F

Like our CBR300R, the CB300F uses a totally up-to-date single-cylinder engine. The fuel injection system and electric start make it convenient, but the best feature of all may be its combination of enthusiastic power delivery along with awesome fuel efficiency. Practical meets performance—it’s not an either/or proposition with the CB300F—you get to have your cake and eat it too. And with its low price, you’ll be able to afford lots of cake.



                                                                   Download Brochure



2014 Rebel 

234cc air-cooled parallel twin-cylinder, Seat height 26.6 inches. Rebel riders agree, this bike makes you look good no matter how long you've been riding. It's an entry-level bike, sure, but it boasts big-bike styling with its timeless cruiser looks and nifty chrome highlights. Its reliable 234cc four-stroke twin delivers smooth power.



                                                      2014 CBR500R

TThe CBR500R features a full bodywork cowl and a 31-inch seat height. It’s an excellent choice for riders ready to move up a displacement class, or for any rider who’s looking for a light, sporting, do-it-all street machine.


                                                            Download Brochure 

                                                             2014 CBR500F


                                                            Download Brochure



2015 CRF110F 

The CRF110F features both an effortless electric starter and a kick starter as well. And it all teams up with our four-speed transmission with automatic clutch that’s been proven in thousands of bikes, so your riders never have to worry about stalling or a handlebar-mounted clutch.





                                                    2017 REBEL 500

The Rebel 500 is a true triple threat: part impressive performance, part minimalist good looks and completely fun to ride. The first thing you’ll notice is its subtle, blacked-out looks. From the compact frame to its low-slung seat, it’s just cool. Once you get on, you’ll know immediately that this bike was meant to be ridden, thanks to an impressive lean angle, and a 471cc parallel-twin engine tuned for middle and upper-rpms. Ride it stock. Trick it out. Either way, this bike just feels right.




                                                         CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE

         2015                 METROPOLITAN

Looking for the smartest way ever to get around town? Then check out the Honda Metropolitan. This sleek little two-wheeler combines super-cool style, brilliant fuel economy and unmatched practicality and wraps it all up in a sharp package that offers the quality only a Honda can offer. Featuring an automatic transmission, a fuel-injected engine, plenty of storage and more, the Metropolitan is going to make just getting around your favorite part of the day.



                                                       2014 CBR600RR

Honda’s incredible CBR600RR is the machine of champions, of course. But it’s much more than that. It’s a stellar streetbike, maybe the best ever built. Because it’s just as happy to take you to class, to your job or on a weekend ride as it is to carve a corner at Laguna Seca or Road Atlanta. That balance between performance and handling continues all throughout this machine: engine, chassis, suspension, brakes. And speaking of brakes, you can opt for a special version with Honda’s revolutionary Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS), the first ever on a production Supersport motorcycle.



                                                        CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE                      


 2015 PCX (150cc)

Think of the new Honda PCX150 as the do-everything scooter. It offers the fuel economy of the most frugal scooters out there, but it’s big enough and powerful enough to carry a passenger and ride on the highway. Storage? Check. Automatic transmission? Check. Easy to park? Do you even have to ask? A blast to ride? Double check on that one. The new PCX150 has it all, and it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to replace that second car with something a whole lot smarter for these times when every dollar counts.






                     2014 SHADOW AERO

Honda's line of Shadows are some of the most popular cruisers on the road. And one look at the Shadow Aero will tell you why. Classic, retro style, like the spoked wheels, full fenders, and long, chromed mufflers. Thoroughly modern performance courtesy of the 745cc V-twin engine, specially tuned for low-revving torque. And maintenance-reducing features like shaft final drive. Best of all, the Aero is a huge bargain, giving you a big-bike ride without the big-bike price. And it's a bargain when it comes time to fill up, too. If you're ready to turn some heads in a big way, and appreciate a bike that's never going to go out of style, the Aero is the machine for you.



                                                    CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE



2015 FORZA 

Honda’s Forza™ is a scooter that’s way more than what you think a scooter can be. With the power to carry you and a passenger on the highway thanks to a smooth, powerful engine, integral storage (enough for two helmets) and even a power outlet for your accessories, the Forza bridges the gaps between fun, practical, and luxurious. Whether you use it for commuting, around-town, errand running, or just a way to get out and have fun, the Forza is a great transportation option that just about anyone can enjoy.




                                                2013 Shadow spirit 750 

Sit on a Shadow Spirit 750 and we know what you’re going to think: “This is the perfect bike for me.” And no wonder: The Spirit 750 combines style, performance, comfort, and Honda technology all into a sporty cruiser package. The 21-inch wheel out front sets the tone, and the V-twin engine provides all the fun. In between you’ll find a perfect blend of classic and modern styling touches, including spoked wheels, plenty of chrome, and a super-comfortable riding position. Get ready for some stares when you’re riding this bike. And plenty of envy, too.



                                                        CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE                      

  2015 GOLDWING       

 If you thought the Gold Wing was the world’s ultimate touring motorcycle, you were right. And if you think the new Gold Wing is even better, you’re right again.





                                                   2014 GROM

Honda’s 2014 Grom™ is a fresh, new way to add some fun, practicality, independence and style to your life. Fun: This new machine is a blast to ride, offering all the excitement of a full-sized motorcycle but in a package that just about anyone old enough to have a license can handle. Practical: The Grom's thrifty Honda engine means you can run it on pocket change, and you can park it just about anywhere too




                                                    CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE







House of Honda 

HondaHouse of Honda and HondaBob, proudly serving Westchester since 1962. 
If you need any assistance for your Honda motorcycle, scooter or ATV, please do not hesitate to contact us. HondaBob
Thank you !  


HONDA BOB   "House of Honda Gives You More For Less". 

Financing Available. 



Come ride with us.  


                                                              2015 Metropolitan

Looking for the smartest way ever to get around town? Then check out the Honda Metropolitan. This sleek little two-wheeler combines super-cool style, brilliant fuel economy and unmatched practicality and wraps it all up in a sharp package that offers the quality only a Honda can offer. Featuring an automatic transmission, a fuel-injected engine, plenty of storage and more, the Metropolitan is going to make just getting around your favorite part of the day.


                                                                   Download Brochure


                                                                 2015 Ruckus

The Ruckus looks like it could survive a nuclear blast and come out swinging. But the Ruckus is about way more than just a unique look: its thrifty 49cc engine gets awesome mileage. Its Honda V-matic® automatic transmission makes for no-shifting, seamless power in and out of traffic. Its electric starter means you just turn a key, push a button, and you’re outta there. Add in Honda’s legendary reliability, and the Ruckus is not only a blast—it’s nearly unstoppable.


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